What Should I Do With My Free Time ?

Free Time 

What do I do with all this free time? 

As people and believers all around the world are now finding themselves with so much more free time, much more time than they are used to, there just seems to be so much more we can do in a day!

So now, the question becomes: What exactly do I do with all this free time?
Naturally, the answer becomes we can finally do things we always wanted to do, but just never had the time to do so. 

Perhaps you’re really into learning languages and always wanted to learn Spanish but never found the right time to get to it, or perhaps you’ve started using this time to grow professionally and prepare for your next job, or maybe you’ve even decided to invest just a little more into your health and have begun to exercise more.

So, with all this free-time we can really use this as an opportunity to invest in ourselves.


What can we learn? 

Let’s think of all the things we could spend our time doing. 

We can learn how to make majestic paper swans. 

We can learn how to make Tik-Toks.

And for some, we can even learn how to do our laundry.

Though with so much time shouldn’t we also spend time learning things that could potentially benefit us in the long run? And what is a longer run and greater investment for ourselves other than our journey as believers investing into our faith?


How do I Maintain and Grow my Faith?

That was the thought I had. I want to take this time to grow my faith. But I didn’t know where to start. 

I went online. I searched on Google and found many suggestions, but nothing that ran true to me.

I talked to my friends and asked them what they were doing for their faith. Most of them said it wasn’t in their priority list right now.

I thought to myself, “why is it easier for me to learn how to do literally everything else than for me to get closer to God? Aren’t more people searching for God right now? Aren’t there also people like me out there?”

In the Bible, it says that if you seek God, He will be found. And I truly believe that as I sought for God during the beginning of this pandemic and shut-down, He helped me to find Him.


Finding God Unexpectedly

By God’s guidance, I was introduced one day to a missionary friend by a fellow believer. She had been doing online Bible study with a missionary from San Francisco Zion Church for a few weeks. She said every time she learned something new and enlightening, she thought about who she could share this great Word with.

“I couldn’t really think of anyone for a while… I think I was scared to share. But I thought of you.”

I was elated when she told me this! Here I was, seeking for something to help me get closer to God, and here she was, seeking for someone to share the Word with!

God works in mysterious ways. But I am grateful for His ways that are higher than mine.


From Free-Time to God’s Time

It’s been several months now, as we near the end of the year. So far, I have learned how to connect the points and stories of the Bible to one another, and how to apply God’s commands to my life today.

I am making effort to be a kinder, more patient person.
I am trying to be careful about my words and actions so that I can be a light to the world and represent Christ.
I am learning to be attentive to God rather than the world or my own thoughts.

It’s a learning that’s harder than anything else I’ve tried to learn before.

But I am grateful that this is what God has guided me to.

My free time is no longer ‘free time’. Now, it is time devoted to God, where I am drawing closer to Him every single moment.

I love this free time. What are you spending your time on?

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