What is God’s Will and Purpose for Me?

Is this God’s will for me?

Growing up Christian, I would often hear phrases about God’s will or God’s purpose for our lives. 

I once thought that maybe “God is compelling me to become a doctor” since it is definitely noble to help save lives and serve people. Other times, I thought, “I feel like God’s purpose for me is to become a singer” since singing songs will help portray God’s words by bringing that fire back into people’s hearts and for them to be reconnected back to God. Sometimes, I told myself, “God is compelling me to be this or that” because it will definitely heal humanity and make this world a better place. It made me feel good about the choices I was making for myself. 

But, does God really have different purposes for all us? What if I failed to accomplish what I thought was God’s given purpose for me? Does that mean God abandoned me or maybe God made a mistake giving me that purpose? Was God confused? Or was I just confused?  

That’s what I once struggled with. But after learning more of the Bible, God, and the proper relationship I should have with Christ, my thoughts began to change.


Finding Him First

Instead before blaming God and pointing our fingers to Him and starting to have doubt towards Him,  I should first have gotten to know His true intention and His purpose for all of us. If God is the one who truly created everything, that means even us, human beings, have a purpose for being created. And it was up to me to ask Him to help me understand and discover that true purpose. 

Would this purpose be something that’s aligned with my thoughts? Maybe not. But that would be okay, because God’s thoughts are higher than mine.

We can only know this if we know God, and if we know His thoughts and His heart. Whether we admit it or not, we tend to assume that we know God. However, if we do, we would not be in the position of being confused with our purpose in life.


What does the Bible have to do with My Purpose?

I have discovered that there is only one tool that can help us get to know God, where we can find His purpose for us, and this is the Bible, for the Bible is inspired by God’s thoughts and heart (2 Timothy 3:16).

But do I really have to read the whole Bible to just know my purpose in life? It was daunting to think that I had to read the whole book because I honestly had no idea how to read the Bible. But this was my foolishness for thinking that I had to read it on my own. God guided me to a community where I can engage others in dialogue about Scripture, we can read together, pray together about it, and grow together in our knowledge of the Bible and His will. It’s much better to read with someone else! 

That’s what I think makes me able to continue on this path of faith, no matter how difficult things can get at times, or even if I feel like I am wavering. Because it is in community and fellowship with others that I feel encouraged and motivated to continue seeking for His will.

Do you know God’s purpose for you? Are you still seeking? I encourage you to seek for purpose within His word. If you feel intimidated about the prospect, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. But I can confess and attest that His word is the only clear, sure way to do so.

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