Is There Room for God in Our Lives?

Do I Have Room for God?

In this busy world, it may seem hard to make time for God with so much going on in our lives. The norm in this world today seems like there is no place for Religion, God, or a life of faith. Friends, family, and colleagues may be pursuing their goals and aspirations and God may not be in the picture for them and their lives may seem completely fine.

So the question that may be going in your head is should I get to know God more and if so what are the benefits?


Why I Chose God and the Bible

Many people have come to ask me why I study the Bible instead of just focusing on my career. And my response to that is the more I’ve studied the Bible, the more I’ve come to see that the Bible is like a treasure waiting to be unlocked.

Many people may pass on getting to know the Bible focusing on the here and now, focusing on becoming successful, and on their day to day. But living in that way I have found is one without a purpose. Yes, a career, a family may give us a purpose, but all of it is temporary. In the end, everything we have in life comes to disappear as we grow weary and old, and as our flesh passes away. What if at that moment there is nothing for us to look forward to, just death? That is how many people may live their lives today.

But I have found that living this way is meaningless. What really gives my life meaning and purpose is God’s Word and His promises found within His Bible. Through understanding God’s Word, I have now understood more of my hope of Heaven and eternal life.

My hope isn’t just in the things of the world that are here one moment and then gone the next. 


Navigating the Bible

The words found in the Bible can benefit anyone who has the heart to listen to God’s Word and allows it to change them and transform them more into God’s image and likeness.

But you may still be asking well where do I start? The Bible is undoubtedly one of the most confusing books there are because not everything is meant to be taken literally, but there is also a figurative language embedded throughout the Bible.

The Holy Bible is probably one of the toughest and most confusing books there are to read. Questions may pop up left and right and then you may say, “I want to understand the Bible more but it seems so confusing for me right now, so what should I do, what resources do I have?” 


Going Through It Together

What I have found really helpful is the opportunity to be connected to a faith community through the form of small groups. With Covid and everything, carrying out a life of faith may seem like a bit more of a struggle. I’m really thankful for my accountability group who helps to make sure my faith goals are met. We also study and talk about the Bible together for greater understanding.

Carrying out a life of faith is not easy, but there are so many benefits — the greatest being Heaven, Eternal life, and paradise with God. But that doesn’t mean you cant get help on the way! As you study the Bible more, you will find how fascinating and beneficial making time for the Bible and God will be in your life.

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