Conveying Our Heart in Each Package

What is in a Care Package?

A care package is exactly that: a package filled with one’s care.

The care is expressed in the various items that go into the care package, where we put in items that we hope will be beneficial and helpful to someone in need. We think about how each item could be used, and pray that they will be received with joy. We hope that the packages will relieve their concerns about certain necessities — even if it’s for a short while.

The items in a care package are important. But so is the heart contained in each care package.


Coming Together to Create Packages 

Members of San Francisco Zion Church have been fundraising food and supply donations and funds to create care packages for families and individuals affected by the wildfires. Although not everything that an affected family might need can go into a care package, each package was accompanied by a handwritten note of encouragement and the sincere desire of the members to bring a bit of joy to each recipient.

Some members went out of their way to sew handmade masks for the families who might still be dealing with less than ideal air conditions in their area.

One member expressed, “making masks together or even individually with the purpose of helping the community was really rewarding and brought us together. Not only were we able to gather masks for the community, but we were also able to learn something new during the time of pandemic.”


How to Make a Care Package 

If you want to make your own care package and distribute them to those in need, here are some care package basics to keep in mind!


Needed Supplies: 

  • Zip-Loc bags to hold the supplies
  • Cards and markers/pens to write hand-written notes


Suggested Supplies to Include: 

  • Water bottles (whether full-sized or mini-sized)
  • Granola bars (avoid those with a lot of sugar or molasses, if these are going to individuals who might have difficulty with high-sugar foods)
  • Dental hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash
  • General hygiene items such as soap, generic shampoo, and body wipes
  • Easy to eat food items such as packaged foods, instant oatmeal
  • For women, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene items that may be expensive to obtain
  • For men, a small hair comb or deodorant
  • Tissues
  • Small first-aid kit (bandaids and single-use antibiotic ointments)
  • Hand-made reusable or disposable masks
  • Socks


Whether your care package contains 5 items or 50 items (wow!), a care package of true care can be just the thing to brighten up someone’s day and help them with a necessity that they do not currently have access to.

It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t take too much. Join us in making more packages and smiles available for many families.

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