Christmas Gifts for Needy Families

This year’s disasters have hit many California families hard. The pandemic, fires, and ensuing difficulties have left many families with barely enough money to put bread on the table. We wanted to do what we could to help. San Francisco Zion Church is launching a campaign to help needy families by helping provide for them […]

Volunteering According to God’s Will

Is Volunteering Optional or Required? In the past, before coming to SF Zion, I was never one to participate or involve myself in volunteer work. I always viewed volunteerism as an optional activity as there are many existing nonprofits doing work all across the world to improve the livelihoods of the less fortunate.  However, once […]

Conveying Our Heart in Each Package

What is in a Care Package? A care package is exactly that: a package filled with one’s care. The care is expressed in the various items that go into the care package, where we put in items that we hope will be beneficial and helpful to someone in need. We think about how each item […]

The Most Memorable Experience of 2020

The Most Memorable Experience What was the most memorable experience you had this year? One of the most memorable volunteering events that I have joined was mulching at a local park. I went with my church small group and to be honest with you, I didn’t think I would like it at first. You see, […]

Documenting New Memories & Hope

Today, we want to highlight some of our outstanding community partners who have been working with us to help families affected by the California wildfires. Here is our interview with K from Highlights and Shadows, a photography-based non-profit group that helps advocate for other non-profits and community events!    Q. What is Highlights and Shadows? […]

“Why Should I Give?”

Is it better to give or receive? Growing up, my parents always taught my siblings and me about the value of lending a hand, helping a neighbor, and serving others. Living in a small community, I learned that to give and share with others is better than having something only to myself. The less we […]

Loving All of God’s Creation

Love Since Childhood Growing up, I loved animals. I would bring home all the stray cats and animals I could find. My room would be filled with stuff — not mine, but stuff for my various animals. All my allowance and later on, my part-time job paycheck would go towards supporting animal rescues and buying […]

Volunteering or Serving?

Giving Vs Receiving Is it better to give than to receive or better to receive than to give? In the Bible, the answer is that it is better to give than to receive. But as we carry out our lives, it often feels like it is better to receive than to give. When we receive […]

Reflections from Volunteering in Benicia

The Beauty of a Small Town Have you ever noticed how beautiful a town can be? In the busyness of life and the hustle and bustle of the City, it’s quite different to come to a small town and enjoy the sights. Last year, I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the sights of a small […]

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