What Should I Do With My Free Time ?

Free Time  What do I do with all this free time?  As people and believers all around the world are now finding themselves with so much more free time, much more time than they are used to, there just seems to be so much more we can do in a day! So now, the question […]

Is There Room for God in Our Lives?

Do I Have Room for God? In this busy world, it may seem hard to make time for God with so much going on in our lives. The norm in this world today seems like there is no place for Religion, God, or a life of faith. Friends, family, and colleagues may be pursuing their […]

What is God’s Will and Purpose for Me?

Is this God’s will for me? Growing up Christian, I would often hear phrases about God’s will or God’s purpose for our lives.  I once thought that maybe “God is compelling me to become a doctor” since it is definitely noble to help save lives and serve people. Other times, I thought, “I feel like […]

Learning to See God’s Heart in His Word

The Power of Words “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This is a common saying that we may have heard in childhood. Despite this, words are very powerful, and can affect how you carry out your life. Instead of words hurting others, however, what if they helped build […]

Are Fellowship and Community Needed?

Is Community Needed? Some believers see a Christian community or being part of a fellowship as optional and not an essential part of their Christian life. They feel that they don’t need church or anyone else. Someone once told me ,“I can read the Bible and worship God inside my room by myself just as […]

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