San Francisco Zion Church is a church of believers who have hope in God’s promises and trust in His grace and faithfulness. 

our statement of faith

What do the people of SF Zion Church believe in and support? 


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I was searching for a community where we not only fellowship, but we also discuss and help one another with our struggles. I wanted accountability for my faith since I'm very busy and my women's group is all about that.
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I didn't like churches because they were too flashy, too much. I wanted to feel sincere when I was going to church and to know the Bible first before I say I believe. SFZC was a place where I found exactly that.
Adam S.
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My friend first invited me to a praise night and I loved how friendly everyone was. It opened up my heart to see how they were humble and very sincere about their faith and the things they did for God.
Gary M.

our leadership

Our leaders are …
Believers who meditate upon
the Word of God
day and night.

Servant leaders who lead by example,
not just with words.

Mentors who impart wisdom 
to the family of God.

Evangelists who are bold
in testifying to the gospel. 

Brothers and sisters who 
love, care, pray, and minister.

.. and so much more.

Get to know us and let’s talk about faith!


San Francisco Zion Church is presently led by Pastor Eric, a compassionate individual with a big heart for community service, preaching the Gospel, and counseling the flock with the wisdom gained from his varied life experiences and the Scriptures.

Eric has spoken at various faith seminars and began ministry with extensive missionary work here in the U.S. and abroad.
His passion is helping people see love, hope, and grace in the Word and encouraging people to follow the correct path.

our programs


Our services are a sacred time where we present ourselves before God and earnestly offer ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice and recall the grace He has bestowed upon us. Service is a time where we come before the Lord and are blessed. 


The man (and woman) of God meditates upon His word day and night (Ps 1:2). In our bible studies, we explore the eternal truths found in the Word of God and discuss how to live by His commands for us today.


Jesus said that when two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name, their prayers are powerful (Mt 18:20). We offer small groups so that people can encourage and help one another in this journey of faith. 

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